Drallitoc's Lost Jungle Temple
In my last post I showed the details that I will be adding to the front of the large pyramid. I felt they needed a little more detail so I rummaged through my bitzbox for a plan:
[Image: 34501652250_9022ff4805_c.jpg]

Et voila!
[Image: 34756688531_e5bbcaefbf_c.jpg]
Here they are attached to the pyramid. I made some minor miscalculations when it came to sizing so adjustments had to be made in order for them to fit:
[Image: 34078704733_24107cba9c_c.jpg]

In a recent game, one of our players asked if his warband members could move one of the ladders which were placed on the battlefield at the beginning of the game. It seemed like a reasonable idea and so we came up with rules between us that seemed fair. This made ladders more useful in the game and so I decided to make two more:
[Image: 34502330120_8109ee6c7d_c.jpg]

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