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Full Version: Meanders 2: Brave New Worlds (400+ New Terrains)
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Hello - just over 2 weeks away from launch I felt you guys might like to see how the campaign is shaping up, what you can expect, and the avalanche of features involved. Here is a preview of the campaign that is approximately 95% completed with just some art of the core designs left be be added. You may also be pleased to hear that I have committed to over 400 new designs, making Meanders 2 almost seven times larger.

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Visit the Meanders 2 Campaign Preview due to launch Feb 18th on Kickstarter

[Image: 89d7c0_1b07e4f16cdf4018aa769788a482b01b~mv2.webp]
Hi Guys - Following a decision to cancel, re-work and relaunch the Meanders 2 campaign it is now up and live again. Thankfully KS approved the new campaign in record time - and it is jam-packed with loads of extras for anyone that returns to back or backed Meanders 1.


You can get 48 Digital Maps for $25 + Constructor Set to build your own - and even a license to sell the maps you make (if you're quick : 3 of 10 left)

See you guys there Smile

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